Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gadget Indulgence

My ever expanding wishlist for must-have gadgets just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

After re-igniting my passh for cycling, I discovered the Garmin Forerunner 405. The list of features left me gaping. Imagine a device that combines a heart rate monitor and measures speed, both on foot and on the cycle via GPS !!! Its got a very a high wow factor, but not without genuine functionality.

Then there is the USB car stereo I HAVE to have. Very sadly, I only have a "normal" CD and a tape player in my car with no AUX-IN or USB input. The CD player doesn't even play MP3. That is just so 1980 !

All of this without even mentioning the upgrade my good ol puter is in dire need of. For crying out loud, I'm running a Pentium 4, 2.4 GhZ with a GB of RAM. Yes I've been upgrading parts periodically. Like the addition of a few Hard drives, a 22" LCD screen, a decent sound/video card etc. But I think its due for an overhaul.

As a minimum, I'd like:
1. Go quad in CPU
2. At least 2GB RAM, cuz I hear that is what is going around these days !
3. Motherboard with quad support and at least 1 PCI slot (this way I can go sata and retain my IDE hard drives with my PCI-IDE card)

1. Decent Video card (that outputs good DVI @ my monitors native resolution, the current Video card bungles it up via DVI but fine through Analog)
2. Wireless N card

Okay, there, I've said it. Somehow, I still think getting a laptop may be a brighter idea. This way the desktop can serve as a file placeholder and an "entertainment" unit and the laptop can be ...well .. a "mobile" entertainment unit !!

To be brutally honest, the fact that I HAVE to get vista with any new laptop is putting me off. The other side of the story is that I do admire everything but the operating system of post june 2008 laptops.

Only time will tell what I end up doing in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just another change related post ..and more!

note to self: what's with change ?

I reflect upon my posts and see that the overwhelming flavour is "change".  A change, however, minor seems to stimulate me and help me kick the mundaneness out of things and keeps me interested. It isn't always a drastic, turn-around sort of a change, but even tiny miniscules ones seem to do the trick. 

And speaking of change and the most DRASTIC of them all in personal life to me is the making of the mrs (as they would say in ozland). 

In simple non complicated terms, I'm engaged and I'm very happy to say that my fiance is every bit the madness that is me. Anyway, I'll spare the mushy talk for where it belongs.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sea Change

I understand the clear irony of the title. I'm a few hundred kilometers away from anything remotely sea (ocean, to be precise). Anyhow, I can't help but point out the obvious puns in life. I mean that's my thing. Me not doing that is akin to Jay Leno not making (insert latest goofy American politician)  jokes in his monologues. 

So, this sea change I refer to is more of a homecoming. A homecoming to my hobby of doing web stuff. I've picked up an interest in that again and also finally got around to organising my blogs and create specific ones. Also, since the last time I remotely blogged or had the time to look at new and cool features, things have changed quite coolly. I mean you can gadgetize everything.  Just take a look on the right side of by blog for an example. Coolness be thy features blogger !! 

The leap started with trying to taste contetnt management systems. I've worked very basically with Joomla and thought it would be a good start. With all my monkeying around with IIS, ISA and Apache, I was quite sure that Apache will be the weapon of choice.  So with some basic info I set out to RTFM a bit more before it all went down.  I came across this really good tool for the amateur called XAMPP. I would highly recommend this tool for the person who wants to taste this stuff and has very little time, patience or tech'ness. 

They also had a really cool "how to" video which makes it even easier. I must admit that this has been one of the few times I've RTMF'ed somewhat !! I'm usually more of a read the manual as you go guy. But, may be I'm just growing up or whatever, I've started to do that more often. I think I've picked up the habit from all these "Ikea" type build your own furniture experiences. Trust me, if you screw up even one little step, you end up with some weird looking stuff !! 

So, this is my foray. As time permits, I'd like to pump more life in to my blogs and I really really want to wikipediafy all my links !! By that I mean contextualise my links and link like a madman I love reading stuff that is well linked so it would be a great idea to do the same for my blogs too ! I've somewhat got it going, but ideally want to link quite frantically :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The change

A month in to living in Canberra. I'm quite surprised at how well I handle change. Certainly, living by the least common denominator and not having too many expectations are working better than I expected. For instance, I went a whole month without any Internet at home or any Loud Music to turn to me. My lovely little Sony Ericcson w880i did the best it could and quite honestly, it sufficed.

Work is quite swell, can't really delve more in to it for security reasons. hehehehe !! Canberra is a lovely town/city. Today was the Prime Minister's apology to the Stolen Generations and it felt great to be in Canberra. It's completely unrelated to the post, but today I felt a sense of belonging and fondness for Australia. For the leader of a nation to go in to Parliament and say sorry for the wrongs done by the past goverments, it takes a lot, especially when all the one(s) before him have stopped short of an official "sorry". I really believe that Australia is on the fast track of being a very tolerant and advanced society that is far more tolerant than it gives itself credit for. I'm happy with my choice of becoming an Australian Citizen. And am happy about Canberra. It gives me immense pleasure, everyday, as I ride to work with the Australian Parliament house in the backdrop. Work is about 10kms from home. 

Australia is a young nation and the nation's capital has a lot of "history" and "culture" that has the collective age of my Grandmother ! That is not to say any of it is any less glorious. The straight line the New, Old Parliament houses and the War Memorial form spanning across the lake is my most favourite combination of landmarks. Its like a supreme representation of the human spirit and what they are fighting for.

All in all. Life's quite good, I feel so comfortable with myself that I seem to take "comfort zones" with me, wherever I go and set up shop quite easily. Sometimes I feel like I have the grace, humility and the maturity that is "Father" like (giving modesty a miss on that one !).

Growing up doesn't seem so bad now.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The "NEW" year

Yes 08 is upon us. The new year really has brought something new. My new job, in a new place, which I haven't been to and where I know absolutely no one. But that's the challenge. Thats the wiggling out of the comfort zone I seek.

It's a mixed bag of emotions of course, but life goes on, and you'll do good by rolling with it !

07 was a happening year. 3 trips to india lots of places visited and of course the "growing" as a person. Hehehehehe !!

Goals for 08 are pretty simple, re-stablish myself, make lots of friends, get healthier and have as little expectations as possible ;) Wish me luck with the last one !!!

On the upside, I heard the bikeways in Canberra are great, oh, I'm moving to Canberra BTW !! The weather apparently is not quite biker friendly, with the cold and such, but, well, if I ever needed a challenge, it couldn't get better than going for a ride when its freezin my pants off !!

Going by previous years, 08 is going to be a knocker, and talking of knock outs, this 'll be the year that's ripe for all my friends to get married. Of course, I personally believe in no such thing as a "right age" !!!

Here's a toast, to 08, may the one extra day make this year more awesome than the last one !

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Top 10 ways of preparing for a Hyderabad Trip

10) Have no expectations

9) Don't be over excited/overwhelmed

8) Don't get ahead of yourself

7) Don't idolize all things Hyderabad.

6) Understand that you have changed and not everybody gets it

5) Read a book throughout the journey

4) Trips to Hyderabad are few and far between. It is not a time to be worrying about anything.

3) Its a few days fun, laughter and happiness. Enjoy it while lasts.

2) Do not look back when it's over. Start recovering ASAP.

1) Visualize the things enjoyed in AU. Cycling, Tennis etc,.

The Riverside

I'm walking down the river side.
The same path I take everyday. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.
My thoughts and my shadow are my only companion.
Today, I stopped for a brief second, reached out to a Eucalyptus leaf.
I plucked it out and after three folds, took a deep breath from it.
The scent of it was heart warming, unlike one I have ever had before.

It isn't an Epiphany.
It isn't a secret message.
It isn't the meaning of life.

It's happiness.
It's contentment.
It's not a metaphor, it's Real Life.

Originally posted here.